2002 UConn Chess Club Events

Three tie for 1st in the 2nd Nick Stevens Memorial.

Mark Bourque, Tim Hartley, and Zdenek Zeman each scored 3-1 to capture a share of the top honors in this annual event. Bourque lead after three rounds with a score of 3-0. The final round saw Hartley defeating Bourque with an opening surprise (see the Games section). (crosstable)

Bourque dominates field in club championship!

Mark Bourque scored a perfect 6-0 to reclaim the title of UConn Chess Club Champion. Defending champion Tony Diaz was unable to repeat, losing to Bourque and yielding a draw to Richard Chang. (crosstable)

Bourque wins Unnamed UConn Tournament

Mark Bourque won this curious tournament without a name. Mark yielded a draw to Zdenek Zeman in an interesting game. (crosstable)

Bourque goes undefeated in UConn Spring Swiss victory

Mark Bourque won the club's first tournament of the summer. The tournament marked the return of some longtime unseen members: Sarathi Ray and Elliot Wolk. We hope that this will be the first of many events for these "old timers." Bourque was held to a draw (or should we say that he was fortunate to salvage a draw!?) by Tony Diaz in the first round. This was perhaps a wake-up call for Mr. Bourque as he was then able to defeat his remaining opponents (Restrepo, Ray, Wolk, and Hartley). (crosstable)

Bourque and Restrepo tie in Where is Don Javier Garces?

Mark Bourque and Albeiro Restrepo score 3-1 to tie for first in this 8-player event. Bourque defeated Restrepo in their individual encounter, but was unable to play the final round. Scott McKee and Rosaly Santos followed with 2-2 scores.

Folks are still wondering where is Don Javier Garces!? (crosstable)

Bourque sweeps in Rated Revival of Czar Nicholas Parenteau.

Mark Bourque swept the field with a 4-0 score in Rated Revival of Czar Nicholas Parenteau. Finishing a distant second with 2-2 were Zdenek Zeman, Scott McKee, Rosaly Santos, and Oleh Svirshchevsky. Mr. Parenteau finished with a score of 0.5-3.5 thanks to a second round bye. (crosstable)


The big news at year's end is that Mark Bourque, scoring 3-1, failed to win the UCONN Holiday Chess War, owing primarily to virulent onslaughts by Mother Nature in the form of a snowstorm and then germ warfare, not the play of his opponents. Instead, Denny Zeman, regaining good form after a dismal showing in the WFO, scored 3.5-0.5 to take clear 1st and $35. He clinched 1st with a fine win in the last round against Bob Vesely, long time denizen of eastern Connecticut, who returned to OTB after a long hiatus. Mr. Bourque took clear 2nd and $21, while Mr.'s Vesely, Restrepo, Santos and Yelle shared 3rd and a big $14,
($3.50 each, not bad for 4 weeks work), all at 2.5-0.5. (crosstable)