2003 UConn Chess Club Events

Dan "The Man" Magalis Blitz Memorial

Sarathi Ray scored a perfect 14-0 to win the Dan "The Man" Magalis Blitz Memorial last Thursday. Mark Bourque took 2nd with 12-2, while Albiero Restrepo was 3rd with 11.5-2.5. Further back were Tim Hartley at 9-5, Junior Santos, (who goes into the Army on Jan.7th, 2003), at 8.5-5.5 and David Zhang with 8-6. "Czar" Nicholas Parenteau, Bob "Darth" Feder, Mr. Mike Hansen, Rosaly Santos Sr., Oleh Svirshchevsky, Elliot Wolk, Scott Eddington and Rich Chang also ran but failed to make it to the .500 plateau. Mr. Magalis, the tournament namesake, withdrew after the 7th round, having been seriously distracted by other pressing needs and concerns, (this is why he is called "The Man").

Bourque Wins Again! Bourque Wins Again! Bourque wins Again!

Mark Bourque returned to his winning form, sweeping through the 3rd Nick Stevens Memorial with a perfect 5-0 score. All of Mr. Bourque's opponents were in the top half of the 20 player event and none of the games was particularly easy. Finishing in a tie for 2nd & 3rd were Denny Zeman and Tom Hartmayer at 3.5-1.5. Further back at 3-2 were Albiero Restrepo and Tim Hartley. Rounding out the top finishers at 2.5-2.5 were Rich Chang and Oleh Svirshchevsky. Mr. Svirshchevsky swindled himself a stalemate in the last round against Rosaly Santos Sr. despite being down 2 queens??!! (crosstable)

Bourque Wins UCONN CC Championship 7-0!

Mark Bourque defeated Jerry Sonendrong, (rated 980?!), in a hard fought game during the 7th and final round to cap a perfect run in the UCONN CC Championship, 7-0, winning $62! While Mr. Bourque's performance comes as no great surprise, the results of 2 newcomers, Mr. Sonendrong and Bill House, (1520/02 ??!), need to be mentioned. Mr. House, sporting what will be a very temporary, provisional rating of 1520/02, scored 5-2 to take clear 2nd and $53! Mr. Sonendrong wound up with 4.5-2.5 to share 3rd-5th with Tom Hartmayer and Albiero Restrepo. Mr. Sonendrong also copped Top U-1600 honors garnering $35 for his effort. Further back at 3.5-3.5 taking Top U-1400 honors and $26 was Oleh Svirshchevsky. This 22 player event was hard fought throughout with many interesting match ups. (crosstable)

Bob Feder's Rated Return

The June Swoon Rating Harvest

Mark Bourque swept the June Swoon with a 4-0 score. Finishing second with 2.5 was Bill House. Zemon, Restrepo, Yelle, and Svirshchevsky each scored 2.0. The event had eleven players. (crosstable)

The Glory of the UCONN Corn

David Zhang scored 4.5 out of 5 to take clear first. Zhang drew Denny Zeman in round 1. Bill House finished second with 4.0 and was followed by Jeffrey Bass with 3.0. The event had eight players. (crosstable)

UCONN's Rated Agony or Ecstasy

Sarathi Ray went 5.5-0.5 to take clear first in this event. Mark Bourque and Jeffrey Bass followed with 4.0. Mr. Bass defeated Mr. Bourque in the final round to earn a share of 2nd place. The event had fifteen players. (crosstable)