2004 UConn Chess Club Events

Bourque wins Holiday Chess War.

Mark Bourque went 3-0 to take clear first in the 2003-2004 Holiday Chess War. Charley Daly was second with 2.5-0.5 followed by Albeiro Restrepo who finished with 2-1. (crosstable)

Mark Bourque and John Desmarais share first in 4th Nick Stevens Memorial.

Mark Bourque and John Desmarais each scored 4-1 to tie for first. Each player had a half-point bye and drew one game. Unfortunately, the two players did not meet in an over the board contest. (crosstable)

DeCastro and Bourque Tie for First in 2004 UCONN CC Championship.

The Phillipine master Edgar DeCastro (FIDE 2375) and Mark Bourque, who took home $91.00 apiece, each scored 5.5-0.5 to share top honors in the UCONN CC Championship, drawing only each other. Further back at 4.0-2.0 were Tim Hartley, Denny Zeman, Charles Daly and John Desmarais. Mr. Desmarais, rated 1472 for this event, also copped Top U-1600 honors and $56.00. The local chess impresario " Czar "Nicholas Parenteau scored 2.5-3.5 to take Top U-1400 and $42.00 for his efforts. 23 players participated. (crosstable)

GM Gildardo Garcia conducts Simultaneous at the UCONN Club

Colombian GM Gildardo Garcia conducted a simul on April 1, 2004. The final score in the simul was Garcia 18, UCONN 0, as no one was able to manage even a draw against the veteran GM.

David Zhang finishes first ahead of Bourque in UConn Swiss!

David Zhang scored 4-1 to take clear first in the UConn Swiss. His score included a win over second place finisher Mark Bourque. Tied with Bourque at 3.5-1.5 were John Desmarais and Bob Feder. (crosstable)

3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment Tribute and "Brave Rifles" Commemorative Tournament begins with lecture

The recently completed 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment Tribute and "Brave Rifles" Commemorative Tournament saw Lt. Col. Paul Veilleux, professor of military science and director of the UCONN ROTC program address the tournament prior to the start of Round 1 (crosstable)