2005 UConn Chess Club Events

Holiday Ladder Challenge ends with Bourque on top.

Mark Bourque scored 3-0 to take clear first. Following with 2.5 was Bill House. Bob Feder claimed third place with a 2-1 score. (crosstable)

Bourque and House tie for first in 5th Nick Stevens Memorial.

Mark Bourque and Bill House each scored 3-1 to tie for first in the 5th Nick Stevens Memorial. Tim Hartley was next with 2.5. House defeated Bourque in the third round and seemed to be the likely winner of this event. However, Mr. Hartley defeated Mr. House in the final round, giving Mr. Bourque the opportunity to claim a share of the title. (crosstable)

Bourque and Diaz tie for first in 2005 UConn Championship.

Mark Bourque and Tony Diaz each scored 4-1 to tie for first in this year's club championship. A one-game playoff was won by Mr. Bourque. Nick Parenteau scored a surprising 3.5 to finish 3rd due largely to an impressive win over Mr. Diaz in the first round. There were ten participants in this event. (crosstable)

Jose Castro takes first in the UConn Ratings Disaster.

Jose Castro marched through the field with a perfect 4-0 to take first in the UConn Ratings Disaster. Following with 3 were Tim Hartley and newcomer TingTing "Tina" Ding. (crosstable)

Charley Daly perfect in UConn Final Chess Exam.

Charley Daly easily took clear first in the UConn Final Chess Exam with a 3-0 score. Tied for second place were TingTing Ding and Bob Feder with 1.5-1.5. (crosstable)

Bourque and Sonkin tie for first in Rating Harvest.

Mark Bourque and Greg Sonkin each scored 3-1 to share first in the UConn Rating Harvest Celebration. Mr. Sonkin defeated Mr. Bourque in the individual encounter. Following with 2.5 were Bob Feder and Alex Fikiet. (crosstable)

Bourque take clear first in August Chess Revival.

Mark Bourque scored 4-1 to finish first in the UConn August Chess Revival. Scoring 3 were Tim Hartley, Nick Parenteau, Avery May, and Alex Fikiet. (crosstable)

Hartmayer and Bourque share first in Willimantic Fall Open.

Tom Hartmayer and Mark Bourque shared first in the 25th Willimantic Fall Open with 4 points each. Following with 3 points was Tim Hartley. (crosstable)