2006 UConn Chess Club Events

Bourque wins the Ding Memorial.

Mark Bourque took clear first in UConn's TingTing Ding Memorial with a score of 3.5-0.5. Tom Hartmayer and Greg Sonkin finished second with 3 points each. (crosstable)

Bill House outscores the field in John Fikiet's 1st Rating Swiss.

Bill House was in fine form, going 3-0 to take first in John Fikiet's 1st Rating Swiss. Tied for second were Tom Hartmayer and Chaley Daly, both losing to Mr. House. (crosstable)

Mark Bourque coasts to victory in the 6th Nick Stevens Memorial.

Mark Bourque scored a perfect 4.0 to win this years memorial. Bill House scored 2.5 to finish second. Tied for third place with 2 points were Tom Hartmayer and Charley Daly. (crosstable)

UConn Team Downs Yale!

UConn hosted a match with Yale which ended in a victory for the lower rated Huskies over the Bulldogs. (crosstable)

Yale Downs UConn in Return Match

The higher rated Yale University chess team showed no mercy in the rematch with UConn. (crosstable)

Three-way tie in Blizzard Tune Up!

Tom Hartmayer shared first with Jose Castro and Mark Bourque, each scoring 3 points. The higher rated Castro and Bourque could only draw Mr. Hartmayer. (crosstable)

Dimitrov wins UConn Chess Club Championship.

Martin Dimitrov took clear first in this year's championship with a perfect 4-0! Tied for 2nd were Tom Hartmayer and Charley Daly, each with 3-1 and each a victim of Mr. Dimitrov. (crosstable)

Parenteau sweeps August Quad!

Nick Parenteau took 1st in the August Quad with a perfect 3 - 0 score. Newcomer Sean Fizgibbons finished 2nd at 2 - 1.

Summer Ladder is now complete.

Nick Parenteau won the UConn Summer Ladder. Tied for 2nd were Martin Dimitrov and Shawn Fitzgibbons. (crosstable)

Nitz takes first in SOE Scholarship tournament!

Top-rated James Nitz took 1st prize in the UConn School of Engineering $14,000 Scholarship tournament. Nitz tied with Haizho Xu, each scoring 4-1. Nitz was held to a draw in the second round by 3rd place finisher Haotian Zheng. Unable to play the third round, Nitz took a half-point bye. The decisive game came in round 4 when Nitz defeated Xu. Also finishing with 3-2 was Alex Fikiet. Matthew Morra and James Luczynski tied for top unrated. (crosstable)

Kenny wins Willimantic Fall Open!

Dave Kenny won the 1st tournament in his long career! Dave drew Nick Parenteau in the final round to finish with 3-1. Nick "Czar Nicholas" Parenteau and Alex Fikiet finished 2nd-3rd with 2-2. (crosstable)

Two tie for 1st in UCONN Turkey Shoot.

John Desmarais and Tom Hartmayer tied for 1st in the UCONN Turkey Shoot scoring 3-1 and sharing $37. Following close behind were Bob Feder and Garth Hallett at 2.5-1.5 sharing 3rd-4th and $10. (crosstable)